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Mikegwi 03-27-2012 03:35 PM

New to the jeep world help me out
Hey guys im looking to get my first jeep and looking for a TJ or a LJ (if I can find a good price on one). Anyways if anybody knows of one for sale if you would please let me know. I have been surfing craigslist for a while now and have only found a couple working on going to look at them and only one has been a LJ. I have to keep the price under 10k and the miles under 100k.
Looking forward to getting a jeep and doing some wheeling in WI with it.
If anybody sees something please let me know!

Also does anybody know of some trails or places to wheel down in south WI area?

mfaas88 11-11-2012 01:28 AM

Old post but oh well. If you havent found out yet...there really isny much for wheeling in the southern part of wisconsin.

Best bets are to hook up with a group such as LCJs, CapCity 4x4, or Wisconsin 4x4 because they do a lot of wheeling on private property.

Otherwise there is the national forest and pipeline up north. Or if you go south there is Pittfsfield, The cliffs, and the badlands.

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