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armygreen 03-28-2012 05:27 AM

remember our discussion on what is free speech
some who have served in the military sadly have bought into the propoganda lie that they are to fight and risk their lives - so that others can say virtually anything they want.

i want you to wake up to the fact that you've been fed a lie.

free speech has never been about saying *anything*,
it's always been illegal to:
- threaten others with harm
- incite violence
- provoke someone into reacting in a severe manner/situation (I'm not talking about trivial stuff)

and our courts have generally proven what i say above, the last one is the hardest to prove but it has happened.

saying you hate another is legal,
saying you plan to harm them is not, but whether you get charged or not has probably more to do with whether the authorities think you can and will carry it out.

the west boro church does not protest at the locations of activities they claim to be against - they provoke, that's why i've always said their actions are not what you (service people) have fought and died for.
but i'll leave the wbc discussion to another time,

today i think you need to be aware of this:

a 28yr old guy in florida shot a 17yr old boy,
the man claims self-defense, the boy's family claims murder.
what we don't yet know are *all the facts* and thus *the truth*,
but it's already playing out in the media and public.
I'm sure you know the news story, the man is George Zimmerman, the boy is Trayvon Martin.

i myself have no idea what's the truth of the story, i'm waiting to hear more facts.

but here's something that's occurred in the wake of that incident:
1.) Hashim Nzinga, 49,
the New Black Panther Party’s chief of staff. He recently made news after going on CNN and offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of George Zimmerman.

"capture"... Zimmerman has not yet been arrested for the shooting, he likely may still be arrested or who knows maybe he won't, but the legal process thus far has not arrested him. Therefore there is nothing legal about "capturing" this man, to do so is infact committing the crime of abduction/kidnapping.

Nzinga is publicly, on CNN, offering $10,000 to entice someone else to commit this felony.

Do you think that's supposed to be protected free speech? it is not, see my list above - incite others to commit crimes, and abduction is infact a violent crime not just stealing money out of a bank after hours.

Black Panther Leader Offering Reward For Capture Of Trayvon Martin Shooter Arrested On Charges He's Felon Who Had A Firearm | Fox News

New Black Panther leader offering reward for capture of Trayvon Martin shooter is arrested | Queen Diva Radio

New Black Panther Leader Arrested after Pawning Gun

2.) famous gazillionaire director Spike Lee tweets the supposed address where this Zimmerman is in hiding, but gets it wrong:
"Elderly couple forced out of home after tweet claims killer of Trayvon Martin lives there"

Elderly Couple Forced Out Of Home After Tweet Claims Killer Of Trayvon Martin Lives There | Fox News

Posting someone's address likely is within free speech, however it may be questionable if your reason for doing so is to cause that person harm; it's fairly obvious that's infact what Spike's intent was - based on what's been happening to that elderly couple.

Do you still think "ALL" speech is supposed to be protected? I'm sorry, you have bought into a lie, it is not. Please remember the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword". In these 2 examples, the pen is being used to get actual swords pointing at the throats of a man who's possibly guilty but hasn't yet been charged, therefore noone has any right to "capture" him or harm him. Doing so is nothing more than a 1940's "lynching",

I'm sure Spike Lee and Hashim Nzinga have probably publicly decried the lynchings that occurred in America several decades ago -- yet they're right now today 2012 trying to accomlish the exact same thing.

If you think an action (lynching) is wrong, and rail against those who have done it,
you can't go about doing the exact same thing as they did.

Lord help those 2 men repent.

To our service people, thank you for your service, and please awaken to what is infact protected free speech, and what is illegally inciting violence - it's not protected.


Jeeplover1 03-28-2012 05:39 AM

ya this is a bunch of bull.. OBAMA is involved and the NAACP.. why? if that kid was white this wouldnt even made the local news. Why are we still pulling the race card in the year 2012? we are better country than this .. :banghead:

Chrispy 03-28-2012 10:41 AM

Well said and Exactly Right Armygreen!

bc3_Jeep 03-28-2012 10:45 AM

Seriously???? A minority shoots a white kid and it would not have made the local news..... THINK before you type......

BT 03-28-2012 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Jeeplover1 (Post 2190913)
ya this is a bunch of bull.. OBAMA is involved and the NAACP.. why? if that kid was white this wouldnt even made the local news. Why are we still pulling the race card in the year 2012? we are better country than this .. :banghead:

Exactly what I say every time something like this happens. If the person was white they wouldn't give a damn. Its a double standard that has come to be accepted. Its a bad situation, I feel bad for the family of the kid who was shot. I want to see justice but provoking vigilantly justice is not the way to go. Let the courts do their job...

LaTuFu 03-28-2012 01:16 PM

"First Amendment" rights were never meant to be "you can say anything you want whenever you want, without fear of consequence"

The original intent of the founding fathers was to prevent the Government from passing laws that restrict the rights of citizens speaking out against the Government.

Somewhere along the way, it has been interpreted to mean that an "artist" is guaranteed federal funding to create "art" with his butt cheeks.

dama417 03-28-2012 01:30 PM

I agree with most of your article, but to imply that those of us who fought, and for those who gave their lives don't understand the Constitutional Amendments is a bit presumtuous. I know in the beginning you said "some" but you ended with "to our service people".

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