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briandoros 03-29-2012 12:59 PM

02 TJ Sahara at 100,000 miles
Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum. As I am one of those guys that mostly just reads, this is the first time I'm posting so please forgive any breech of protocol.
I recently purchased a 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sahara 4.0L with 100,000 miles on it. This is my 3rd jeep, but first Wrangler. I Had a 76 Cherokee straight six that I just loved, then a 98 box Cherokee that was a great truck. This jeep only had one owner and was very, very well maintained, on top being off-road maybe only 4 or 5 times. The gentleman I purchased the jeep from had a wife and 5 daughters so he hid in the garage and spent all his time taking care of his jeep. The Wrangler is mostly stock, only the tires and rims were changed, all the fluids and filters have been changed regularly. There is almost zero rust, just a very small spot here and there on the under carriage and oil pan and none on the body. It is truly in unbelievable shape. I know this because I looked at jeeps just about every weekend for a year before I purchased this one. I will drive it around town and on some of the trails through the woods in the New Jersey pine barrens. I live on the beach so it is not going to see much mud, brown dirt or high water, but would see sand. My question is considering the condition of the jeep, at 100,000 miles what should I spend money on for maintenance and upgrades. I have about $2000 I can spend on her and want to spend it wisely. I've already look into things like cold air intakes and after my research, I feel items like this are very low on this list as far as upgrades, I think I would do the exhaust before I did a CAI and I wouldn't do the exhaust unless there is a problem. However, I am open and if there were a good argument I would consider it, everything is up for grabs. I would like to take care of maintenance items like timing chain, fuel injectors, shocks, ect. ect. things like that first but also would like to do some cool upgrades also. At 100,000 miles I'm just not sure which one makes the most sense to do at this point. I don't want to just take it to the dealer as I don't want to pay for things that aren't necessary or I could do my self. I guess that brings up another question that is what is doable at home and what needs to be done at a shop. I am pretty good at working on stuff and have a good tool set. Thanks in advance for your input


Kevbz 03-31-2012 07:41 PM

I think I would maybe check out the moving parts of the drive train. U-joints in the front axles, u-joints on the driveshafts. Condition of the shocks, bushings, etc

100,000 isn't a ton of miles but there will be some wear in there somewhere. Maybe some undercoating to save that nice undercarriage.

Do you have different tops? Bikini top maybe?

I flip through all the catalogs all the time looking at stuff for ideas. I think i spent 800.00 the first month i had it replacing worn and age showing cosmetic items. Now as long as I don't have major issues popping up i am going after the piece of mind i have a benchmark as to how new the stuff is on the jeep ( belt, pulleys, brakes, ujoints, fluids) nothing crazy, just buying little replacement parts here and there.

briandoros 04-04-2012 05:40 PM

The undercarriage is in great shape and was already treaded by the owner before me. The guy really kept up the basic maintenance items, however I am going to change out all the fluids and replace with synthetics were applicable. I was thinking about engine ware parts like the timing chain if at 100,000 its time to worry about it or not. I believe the suspension is stock OE but the jeep seems to ride ok so I'm not sure if its time to think about replacing things like the shocks or not and if Im going to replace the shocks then Im not sure if I should at that point I should lift the jeep a few inches or not. Im driving on the beach and on sand trails so Im not sure if a lift would help me out or not. Then, if I lift the jeep what kind of lift is best for me. However, before I do things like I want to take care of the maintenance items first. Then I think I should maybe worry about the bushings but I cant see any problems. Just not sure what goes on a jeep at the 100,000 mile mark. The jeep wasn't driven that hard and is good basic shape so its hard to tell. Having said that I guess it would never hurt to do the breaks. Thanks for the feedback


briandoros 04-05-2012 08:47 AM

Yea Kevbz, I think Im on the same trail as you, piece of mind items (belts, pulleys, brakes, ujoints and fluids) and having that starting point sounds like the best place to start. Thanks


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