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Thundersong 03-31-2012 01:31 AM

new (to me) 84 CJ7
Get my new jeep next week. Needs work, but not much. Have a list, would be nice to know what to be prepared for, the garage won't give me a quote until they see it. Just moved, know nothing of the area, would love to find a place where I could help and learn. Not in that order. Always wanted to. Why not start now?

It needs; Horn, emergency brake, mirrors, battery, rear main seal, drivers seat, and the floor panel beneath that. A checking over, an oil change, and inspection. Then it needs tires, soft top, winch, lift, but that's a bit down the road yet. Not far if I can help it...

Soon. So soon. Will be immense.

Get to explore my new territory and beyond. Have to find places to swim. And rivers to kayak.. and trails, back roads. Must go camping, have fire, and be in the dark. And the woods. I miss it all and more. Me in a city. Ha. Oh well, be roaming soon enough. I can't even begin to describe how excited this jeep will make me. Just thinking about it, adoring it, and everytime I drive, unbelieveable.

Recently moved north of Boston. It is much busier out here, than where I come from. It is hectic, and I am not fond of crossing roads.. makes walks difficult sometimes.. enjoy the rush, I tell myself. Still don't do it though. Need to work on that.

It has been mere hours since I have had the forum back, and it has been a strong highlight. Also increased by my excitement for my jeep.. I am surprised I could stay away that long. Over now.

Someone was trying to talk me into buying a newer car. I told him, even if I had a million dollars, I would buy this exact vehicle. It is just what I wanted. Frame and body are in good shape, sat over the winter, but we will warm up to each other nicely. Just waiting to be adored, and appreciated, played with and challenged. We have a lot in common.

Am pleased to be here.

Was the first time I agreed to install an application that could take pictures and videos. What was I going to say? No? Never. Could have asked for anything. Had a laugh, didn't bother reading the rest. Its worth it.

dirt dawber 04-03-2012 07:50 PM

Good luck with your jeep

lynn 04-05-2012 08:45 AM

Well if it needs all of that, it will probably also need some carb work, the stock BBD is prone to issues... not too bad if you know what to do, or replace with a Motorcraft 2100. Steering may be sloppy... could be the joints in the intermediate shaft, or could be in the box. If you lift it (suspension or shackle lift), be aware of caster angle changes that will make it handle squirelly, hard to keep between the lines. Correct caster to 5-7 degrees positive by installing steel shims between the spring pack and mount (easy), or cutting/rotating the knuckles (big job). Also be aware of proper toe-in to help in tracking. Expect to spend some money on the brake system.
Rewiring the whole rig may be a good idea, depending on what previous owners may have done. EZ wiring is a good solution, good price, not too hard to do.

HTH, good luck!

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