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NY_Joe 03-31-2012 09:50 AM

Harken Lift Issue
Really enjoying the forum and hope someone can help.

I recently ordered the Harken Hoist, after reading so many reviews on here, to lift and store the hardtop from my 2012 Sahara Unlimited.

Received the box from Quadretec and read through the instructions. I ran into a problem though. The ceiling joists run parallel to the garage door, not perpendicular as in the instructions.

My question is, does it matter? If the ceiling joists line up with lift points can I just lag bolt the 2x6 plate in line with the joist?

My other option is to install the 2x6 perpendicular to the door and it would span 3 -4 joists. Doing this though I would need to know EXACTLY where the eye bolts would have to go. The room for error would be the width of the board. Seems like a little more planning would be involved. My archaic design below shows what I mean. The "X" represents the 2x6 and the "-" represents the floor joist. The "X"'s would have to be perfectly lined where the rope gatherer and eye bolts need to go.




Any help would be appreciated.

the Kolector 03-31-2012 10:04 AM

HHHmmm, thats a good question, I would think your idea would be a good one, but I'm not sure. I was thinking about getting the same one, but never thought about the joists direction.

NY_Joe 03-31-2012 07:53 PM

Me neither. Never stopped to think about the joists.. I think I may just have to do that and be anal about everything.

Tanksta 04-01-2012 09:33 AM

I installed the 2x6's as you describe, in-line with the joists. Works fine!
The joists happened to be spaced just right, that I likely could have installed the Harken hardware directly into the joists, without need for the 2x6's.

I have modified the normal spacing so my setup is somewhat "non-standard". I rigged it so that I can lift the top with straps, move the Jeep, put a platform on sawhorses, lower the top onto the platform, and attach the hoist directly to the platform.

Here's a pic with just the soft top stored on the platform...

Tanksta 04-01-2012 09:43 AM

I was somewhat anal about measuring and making sure everything was spot-on.
I'm a cabinet guy whaddaya expect!:cool:

2012unlimruby17 04-01-2012 01:50 PM

Me too I'm a carpenter and I layed everything out on horses first... Then I made centerlines on the ceiling joist and centerlines on the 2x6's then used quick grips to clamp them to the ceiling and lagged them in.. The distances between the lift points were already set.. And the distance invetween was marked. The hardest part I thought was tying the knots.. And making the straps lift... Level.. I also bought two pool noodles and fished the straps through it.. To be sure not to scratch or damage the top.. Or rubber seals!

NY_Joe 04-07-2012 12:51 AM

So it took most of the day but got the boards installed and the hardware mounted.

Did it mostly myself and it took 4 hours to get that far. was anal about marking out floor joists. Predrilled the boards as well. Needed my wifes help to mount the boards. A 6ft span of a 2x6 is too heavy to hold by myself.

Had to go out with family and got home by 8pm. Messed around with the knots. What a mess. Had to resort to you tube to see how to tie a figure eight know. FOund a much easier way then the directions showed.

Now comes the pain in the butt part. Adjusting all the cords to the same height. Tried twice and still needs to be tweaked. They need to work on this part of the lift. Has to be a better solution. Right now the top is suspended over my Jeep but not as high as I would like. Figured to et it hand for the night to see if what I did works. LOL!

3TimeOwner 04-07-2012 10:07 AM

Hmmm, having hung so much stuff from the ceiling over the years, it all comes down to weight and span. The questions isn't whether or not you could have done it on the joists without adding the perpendicular 2x6's, it is a question of what else is weighing on the joists? If it is just your hard top - the 100 lbs, would not make a pinch of difference on the 2 ceiling joists. If you had other shelves, hanging objects, then you would need to distribute the weight over a number of joists

Sherifftruman 04-07-2012 07:37 PM

Mine run the same way. I just screwed the Harken hardware to the joists through the Sheetrock. Worked great and looks clean.

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