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xJRL 04-01-2012 07:42 PM

suggestions for the rain
i'm trying to get my wrangler ready for the summer. i have a hard top, and i live in an apartment without space, or the help to take it off every time i want to, meaning any and every day it's not raining... so i'm looking at soft tops, but don't wanna throw down so much money for one. i was thinking about maybe getting a bikini top and some sort of seat covers for when i park it. i was hoping some of you guys do something along these lines and have suggestions for me. thanks.

JDsDream 04-01-2012 08:04 PM

If you live in an apartment you probably won't have room to store your hardtop. If that is the case, go ahead and buy a good soft top and sell your hard top to offset the cost.
If you want to keep the hardtop, then go with the bikini, windjammer and tonneau cover combo.

FreezerJeep 04-01-2012 09:15 PM

Could do something like that. You are limited to 30mph tho with it on but it's cheap and fine for parked overnight.


BT 04-01-2012 09:28 PM

For a YJ you can sell a Hardtop in good condition for the same price it would take a get a very good soft top with the hardware included that will work with the full doors.
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virginian 04-07-2012 10:49 PM

It's Chicago -- assuming you don't have protected parking at night and Chicago winters are still brutal, I'd drive my hard top way out of the city to find a storage room to keep that top. Come winter time again, you may be sad you got rid of it for a couple hundy.

I know when I lived in NYC, storage spots in the city were expensive but $20 in gas got me to a spot where monthly rates were more like $30/month. Find something similar in Chicagoland, and then you can figure out what kind of soft top to get. Keep in mind that your hard top is going to be harder and harder to find each season on the used market (read: more and more expensive). Therefore, I would concentrate more on where to store it that doesn't cost you too much.

FreezerJeep 04-08-2012 01:45 AM

Get rid of your coffee table and use the hard top as it. That would be cool.

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