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Moroney167 04-02-2012 09:22 AM

Converting TJ to Leaf spring
K not looking to argue or get into what suspension is best. Mainly the TJ forums were really annoying on this. It's my jeep, my build, and my use for what I want. And to me makes a ton more sense and long term durability. Here is why I want to do, and start researching and picking brains on perhaps spring lengths and springs rates for chassis weight. Perhaps shackles questions. Lot to come up with so hopefully I can get it done. Doubt it's as easy as ordering a lift for a YJ and going from there.

I have 2004 Rubicon all stock clean perfect condition. Factory Dana 44's and air lockers. Love it with the auto for trails and my girlfriend can use it. Also love the airbags to keep my girl happy and safe as well as myself I guess haha.

I loved my past 2 YJ's but they no matter what were just dirty nasty old jeeps nobody would wanna get in it clean haha. I liked it but maybe I'm just changing. I have fabricated plenty on them, and with my friends we build with have done many SOA lifts now 8.8 swaps and have all welding cutting fabbing tools needed. Just to give you idea of m level of building I'm not just picturing them bolt right in haha. I have found on a ruffstuff fabrication website SOA plates for 44 axles which is nice. Also all u bolts and top plates. As for what I read seems rumor has it that CJ front shackles bolt to the frame and a YJ rear shackle works for rear. Some people use XJ rear leaf springs, and I do not need or want stretch the wheel base I am happy with it as it is. With the spring over axle I figure use a 1-2" lift spring perhaps old man emu, mainly match whatever springs with the shocks valves for it to at least get the best ride I can. However my goal is the ride a Yj has I do like it it's more a truck and solid feel. In the salt belt of NY my plans of a 5.5" Clayton long arm, Johnny joints everywhere and having it flex like a gymnast on muscle relaxers sounds fun but in the end I'm spending up into 6-7 grand. Now that wasn't an issue however I don't feel I'll be happy at all with it, deal with death wobble, alignments never ending, and for the small times I wheel I always got by great with my old YJ on 33's stock springs SOA. So there is where I am at for now, and open to your knowledge on parts springs all that. Being your in YJ forum I doubt I'll hear much on the bad idea of it haha. For those who feel that, happily click on the next thread and hold back from replying. I have plenty SOA jeeps on lift springs too that I feel I could do more accurate and solid to get just ass much flex as I need for where I go and have a stable TJ. Planning on running 35's with 5.13 gears in axles. I'll build a rear traction bar or perhaps a triangulated type setup. Front I plan no sway bars or track bar but could always get an adjustable one to use if stability in front is needed. In my past few even with 35's I liked the road habits without. That's the easy stuff for now need to figure out mounts and what springs will be best and weights.

Thanks for reading hopefully I'll have a TJ\YJ RUBICON haha.

Rusty Knutt 04-02-2012 10:40 AM

You seem to have a pretty good thing though, CJ front shackles are narrow. 2" actually and YJ front springs are 2.5". Also scrap the track bar idea, money you don't need to spend, as long as you don't get crazy with shackle height. Plenty of YJs running around without'em.

Moroney167 04-02-2012 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by Rusty Knutt
You seem to have a pretty good thing though, CJ front shackles are narrow. 2" actually and YJ front springs are 2.5". Also scrap the track bar idea, money you don't need to spend, as long as you don't get crazy with shackle height. Plenty of YJs running around without'em.

Yea I agree I didn't plan on track bars at all. IF needed at all for road handling I could use the front but in our last 3 non of them needed it at all with proper steering setup. I planned to do the currie currectlync steering and I can just use a drop pitman arm so it works and clears the spring.

As for springs I did forget 2" was CJ's. So I figured go 2.5" all way around like a YJ. I have a feeling I will be ok with a full Yj lift say an old man emu medium spring kit. I can retain the rear shock mounts on axle. Then the fronts are the same, as for rear just use a pin eliminator kit since they mount to the body not the frame like a YJ. Measure up the shocks needed and order them. Or whatever spring is suggested to match shocks. Not saying budget is an issue but since I went from about to spend like 6+ grand on a long arm lift an all that crap.... This will be cheaper no matter how crazy I go.

Real thing I want to learn from someone with the knowledge before I just go installing is should I use the front rear springs just like a YJ and any special way the springs should mount or how far apart the frame mounts should be compared to a YJ. Maybe just take measurements off a YJ and make the distance the same. Any special things to know about the leaf springs besides make center min in center right?

Should I be good with a Tom woods driveshaft for the rear along with a 1" transfer case drop setup? As I have been told in the past if that 1" holds me up in a trail, I'm probably in over my head haha.

Moroney167 04-02-2012 11:35 AM

I should probably close this thread. I opened it in YJ forum bud if ya wanna join in on that one. Didn't know what category this would do best in.

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