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MyBottomlessPit 04-02-2012 01:25 PM

05' LJ Rubicon - Rear
JUST an FYI.... if u need a Dana 44 for your LJ Rubi... you'll be looking hard. I got t-boned. Mine sat in a freakin yard while the insurance company found me one... there were NO new ones in the country. Thats not a joke either. Jeep was Out of stock. Took 4 months and I got a used one out of North Dakota. At least I'm up and running. Thank God for lifts. Dumb girl was going 60 MPH on RT77 from Smithsburg to Thurmont and slide into me. She also went right under me and took out my rear. LOL Ohh well. So if u want one... you better get looking. AND if you dont have a lift GET ONE :punk:

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