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4wheelfurry 04-05-2012 01:52 PM

Audiovox CCS-100 install question
My 97 did not come factory with CC and I've had a Audiovox CCS-100 lying around for several years waiting on a cool project (why not use it on the TJ!!) So I've got it all hooked up but I'm looking at one problem; no speed singal.
I didn't use the magnets instead I got on the Whi/Ong wire on the factory speed sensor but the big problem is (and this is where I hope someone can help). My VSS is a 3 whire snesor, 5V reff therefore the signal sent to the ECM is a voltage supplied square wave DC signal. The Audiovox requires a spike wave self generating AC signal. I've seen several post here saying just tap onto the Whi/Ong wire but that won't work from what I'm seeing???
Am I missing something? How do I go about drawing from the factory speed sensor and not have to mount the magnet?

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