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jeep-creep 04-05-2012 09:50 PM

Need the forum's advice on....
I have a 2004 Wrangler X, I've been looking into / researching a good 4" suspension lift. Been looking at the RCD..Any good?

Is there a benefit to the long arm over the short arm skyjacker kits?

Any good or bad experiences with 4" lifts? One other question, what is needed to raise up the transfer case too?

I appreciate the help...Thanks! :thumb:

jrussblues 04-05-2012 10:22 PM

Lifts are generally categorized into to 3 groups based on ride quality, functionality and component quality. most often price will let you know what group you are looking at. that does not in any way mean that it will not suit your needs

Low - zone, skyjacker, rcd, rough country
Mid - rubicon express, teraflex (though prices are generally high with teraflex), full traction
High - currie, Clayton

Those are just a few examples. Skyjacker is typically known for a rough ride.

As far as the difference between long arm and short.
Long - smoother ride better articulation recommended over 5" of lift.
Short - better clearance

Those are all very general statements and most of the mid grade companies offer lower grade stuff as well as higher grade stuff. Also, there are a lot of variables that will effect the performance of any kit.
The question is more about what you are looking to do and how much you want to spend.

bittercritter 04-06-2012 09:10 AM

I have only heard terrible things about skyjacker, save for something better

jeep-creep 04-06-2012 10:41 AM

Thank you, guys....It's good to hear from real world experience. 4" is what I want, now it's a matter of chatting with people that run different systems and hear the good and bad. Ground clearance and quality is my hot buttons. Thanks, again.

bcpaddler 04-06-2012 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by jeep-creep (Post 2225354)
One other question, what is needed to raise up the transfer case too?

If you raise it to 4" and you don't want a TC drop, you'll have to install an SYE (slip yoke eliminator) kit as well as a double cardan rear drive shaft - which will also require no less than rear UCA's... :wavey:

530ktm 04-06-2012 01:30 PM

Usually anything over 3 inches of suspension lift require other drive line mods, like sye and so on. You can achieve 3 to 4 inches of lift with a small suspension lift like the OME along with a small body lift and your Jeep will drive better than new. Something to consider.

jeep-creep 04-08-2012 12:34 PM

Good stuff, thank you.

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