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Lolo 04-06-2012 01:01 PM

Please help trouble shoot
I have a 2005 manual Jeep wrangler. The service engine light has come on and off the last 6 months with no noticeable malfunction in running. however as of lately the check engine light stays on and then last month the car has not wanted to turn over but would the 2nd or third attempt. Also I noticed if I would hold the key in place in about 5 seconds it would turnover. So I took it in to the repair shop. The said 1 of the oxygen sensors was bad and they recommended flushing the engine which I did ($400 later). So a few days has passed and the car continues to not start well but does if you have the clutch in and hold the key for about 5 seconds, it catches. But even after a couple days of that the engine light has come back on!!!!!! Ugh! Of course it's under warranty and I need to take it back to the repair shop but does any experienced wrangler member able to offer some advice!!!!!!! :surrender:

daggo66 04-06-2012 02:54 PM

It wouyld help if you didn't call it a car and knew what codes were causing the light to come on. Go to your local AutoZone and find out what the codes are.

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