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WatchThis! 04-08-2012 12:03 AM

Missing my baby at the beach today.
Well I am now going on 3 weeks without my jeep.

Iv got most of my parts in for my build, just waiting on my RK lift to show up. When it does show up that means Ill be waiting on the driveshafts to come in after they are measured for after the lift install. So I know it will still be a few weeks before I get to drive it again.

That all being said I spent the last two days at the beach and saw quite a few jeep. It was making me feel a little sad then I noticed that most of the jeeps eather still had there soft tops up or the ones that had there tops down still had the doors on and windows up. I even saw one parked on the road and the people were toating a cooler and chairs down to the beach that had cars driving on it.

On the three hour drive home all I could think of was man I wish I was on the beach this weekend in my jeep and not this damned Z71.

Just thought Id share my pain with people who would understand.

kbwwolf 04-08-2012 12:47 AM

Just think of the homecoming, though.

Like one of those sappy love stories, where the guy and girl run toward each other through the field of flowers...

Or you could just take it out and find some mud. :)

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