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foxinthemudd 02-03-2008 02:02 PM

F^$&%*# Les Schwab chains
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so I went up to ski for the week here in oregon at Mt. Hood. before I went I got some chains from Schwabs and I was off to enjoy my week in the snow. so I was doing some off roading in waist deep snow (which was alot of fun and I got some great poser shots) until I got stuck and had to winch and dig my way out of a small rut. after I winched myself out of the rut and back onto the road my tires were still spinnin. I tried everything 4lo 4hi stuffin the snow with sticks etc... so I finally (after an hour and a half) got out the chains and put them on, once I got them on I crawled right out of the area and went back to the highway. the highway was packed with snow at the time too so no worry about ruining the chains...right? I get out one last time to make sure they are installed properly and they were. I pull out on the highway and drive about 30mph and less than 5 min then...BANG! tap tap tap tap... I pull over as soon as I can the girlfriend gets out and grabs the chain on her side and I get mine. we get back to the place were stayin and I go to lock her door and this is what I find...Attachment 3383

foxinthemudd 02-03-2008 02:07 PM

the rubber chain tensioner had broken and let the tensioner chain fly and break my fender flair (upper and lower) my turn lense and bulb socket as well as pull 3 of the screw heads from my upper fender flair through the fender wall! after returning to les schwab and chewin some ass I got my money back and a claim form to see if I can get anything out of faulty equiptment. Ihad to get two estimates on the damage and both were over $700 ($713 and $754). F*%&#*# Les Schwab!

debruins 02-03-2008 02:11 PM

tube fender time
use that $700 for tubes!!!!!
even the TJ with the 6" flare from PSC is $570
wil take care of al the problme besides th screw one, but you could just weld the fender on in the spaces where there should be screw or something

cherokee980 02-03-2008 02:20 PM

Come on man, tell us how you really feel!!! HA HA!!! Sorry to hear about the bad luck! Hopefully the manufacturer of the chains will pay for the damage!

foxinthemudd 02-03-2008 06:52 PM

ya if the damage doesn't get paid for by the chain manufacturer I guess I will be doing the tube fenders. If I end up getting any money to fix this problem I'll be doing the 3" or 4.5" full replacement tubes from T&T customs. then the rock sliders from PSC with the tube fender later.

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