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mike79 02-03-2008 09:56 PM

Teraflex 2.5" BB Install
I installed this kit last night. It did work, but I was not completely satisfied. I would suggest purchasing longer shocks and not using the shock extensions. Some kits may not have any issues, but my front shock extensions were not acceptable.

The first issue that we ran into was the passenger side front shock was pretty rusty and broke when we tried to uninstall it. I was unable to find any shocks for the JK in Houston and nearby neighboring cities. What we ended up doing was modifying a TJ shock with the broken stock and were able to provide a temporary solution.

The second issue I ran into was the threading on the front shock extensions. We could not find a nut that would not strip these. The stock nuts didn't work and we went through the entire selection of nuts at a nearby hardware store. We got them on, but one of them is stripped out pretty good. I definitely would not wheel in this condition.

We played around with the brake line relocation bracket and do not foresee and clearance issues with it. We moved some of the plastic clips around on the ESP wiring to provide more slack for axle movement.

On the front I installed a set of JKS Quicker Disconnects (those things are cool) and have no clearance issues in the front. On the rear I used the links provided by Teraflex and mounted them on the inside and not on the outside like there are stock. After doing this and turning some bolts around I believe we took care of any clearance issues.

I followed the instructions on the Jk-Forum website which were very beneficial. I did not disconnect any of the track bars; because of this I did not experience any noticeable axle shift of changes in stearing. This also saved us a lot of time.

I am happy with this kit and promote it's purchase, but would advise to go with longer shocks and not with the extensions. My problem is that I tried to save money by ordering the extensions and now I have to buy longer shocks anyways. The rest of the install went smoothly and was not too difficult.

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