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ctlucas93 04-16-2012 07:53 PM

2.5 Tick/Knock?
I have a 93 Wrangler with an 89 engine that the previous owner replaced because he said the original cracked the head. I broke the timing chain 6 months ago and it has been sitting since then until this weekend when I put a new timing cover and timing set on it. The previous chain broke on the way home 6 months ago and wadded up against the crank sprocket and broke the timing cover around the timing m :confused:ark scale. It also screwed the oil pan up on front. After I put a new timing set on it dropping the pan and all, It crunk up ok and ran smooth and quiet no ticks or knocks, when It got warmed up it started the tick its always had and now its also got a hollow loud knock under 1500 rpm which fades with throttle and disapears around 1500 rpm the front also pours out oil around the timing cover and the pan where it is still warped... the chain was installed correctly with tensioner on and unlocked and everything it was nice and tight before the cover and pan was reinstalled and when you cut the engine off it dies with a small shake and knocking with the shake ... anyone have any ideas ... I have an offer to buy a TJ 2.5 engine out of a 99 with 98k miles that was replaced for a v8 swap I can get it for 500 ... everything should bolt up right? ... I would like to know the current problem with my engine oil pressure is 40 cold all the time then drops to 10-15 on idle and 25 running down road it has always ran low i put a new oil pump in it ... stumped:confused:

95YamJam 04-16-2012 09:05 PM

Mine has always had a lot of noises to it but I just keep running it.

I will say to watch that 99 2.5 as well. Mine in my 00' tj quit at 70k miles. Broken pistion problem. IMHO the older (95 and under) 2.5's actually seem to be better motors.

Good luck!

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