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ChrisJeepTJ 04-17-2012 01:44 PM

'99 TJ automatic trans filter change - weird wire w/pics
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Ok- JP Newb here: first post, just bought my first jeep, and this is the first time doing a lot of my own maintenance. Lot's of firsts...but it's going pretty well so far thanks to this forum, but ran into a question about a wire behind the trans oil filter.

So, I bought a '99 auto Sahara with 103k miles and wanted to do all the suggested maintenance because it didn't come with any service records and just assumed the worst. Today I decided to change out the transmission oil filter and when I finally managed to get the skid plate off and removed the trans oil pan, I was really glad I did. The magnet in the pan was a furry hockey puck covered in sludge. The rest of the oil looked ok, but there were a bunch of metal shavings on the filter and in the pan itself.

But then I ran into something curious:
What is the wire behind the filter and is this where it's supposed to be? I didn't see it in the FSM diagrams or in other pics on the forum and it looked a little out of place. I panicked a bit at first thinking that it was some band, but it just appears to be two wires that connect to a plug on the outside of the transmission. Should I leave it alone or does it need to be re-routed?

Any thoughts are appreciated before I put it back together.

(Sorry for the Mr. Blurrycam pics) Pic of wire with the filter removed.
Attachment 114666

Pic of the filter with some metal bits on it:
Attachment 114667

Pic of the pan magnet looking a little furry:
Attachment 114668


50Johnbob 04-17-2012 02:06 PM

Don't worry about it, it is supposed to be there. It connects to the locking torque converter solenoid.

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