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jeeperharmon 04-19-2012 10:53 PM

Unknown fuse box
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Hey there. Im in need of help identifing this fuse box i have. I am in the process of replacing the old one with my new EZ-wiring and I am having quite the problem figuring out where each wire should actually go. Not to mention the previous owner used a lot of duck tape to rewire his own job to the old one. Here is a couple pictures of the old one.
It is an Inline fuse system thats all i can really say from it. the owner before painted on top of it so i can not even read some of the fuses. :facepalm:
The reason I do not think it is factory. from the diagram i have of the 1972-1973 the colors that the diagram says it is the wires are not the same.
This Jeep is a 1973 CJ5 renegade

rustycrawler 05-04-2012 10:00 PM

It would not be uncommon for the Jeep to have the wrong colors in it. Sometimes they used whatever they had on hand. If you are replacing the wire harness, it doesn't matter where those old wires go, just tear them out. What does matter is where the new wires go.

aelwero 05-06-2012 04:48 AM

it is much much better IMO to just start over on the wiring. I tried several times to fix the wiring on my DJ and after going over the same issues again and again, I ran out of patience one day and went bonkers with the wire cutters and removed ALL of it. Took about a week to run it all new "properly" (diagrams for DJ-5's are even worse than CJ's, they were government vehicles...) but once it was all ran new and loomed up, it was a vast improvement and well worth the time it took. I haven't had a blown fuse in the 5 years since I reran it :)

jeeperharmon 05-08-2012 11:47 AM

Thanks for your input. Even tho my Jeep that I replaced the wiring in said it was a 73 the wiring colors and fuse box matched a 74 it took me about two hours after I figured that out till i actually got it up and running again. Now I'm just waiting for autozone to get my new alternator in so I can drive it again :)

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