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bardb 04-22-2012 11:17 AM

Ignition re-key tips?
I just attempted to replace and re-key the ignition in my TJ yesterday. The replace? No problem. The re-key? Not so good. I thought that I had paid attention to matching the tumblers from old to new, but once the new one was put all back together it wouldn't unlock. Of course you can't disassemble the switch without unlocking it so I'll have to buy another one, right? On the next go around, are there any visual clues to look for prior to reassembling? At least I tested it prior to reinstalling into the steering column :D

bardb 05-03-2012 08:27 PM

Follow up, sort of. I took both the original and replacement ignition lock to a locksmith to see if it was one he could get open and it's not. So the new, mis-keyed one is a $50 paper weight. But it turns out I never needed a new one any way. The reason my old key pulled out at any time was because it was severely worn. He cut a new key based on the lock tumblers and the old lock now works as it should. It cost me another $45 but now I don't have to worry about the family not locking the ignition properly after driving it.

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