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upinar 02-12-2008 08:57 PM

steering box issues
Im having problems with my steering box. Im having play in the steering wheel and when i checked the box when my friend moves the wheel, i can see that the steering shaft moves a little without the pitman moving, so i decided to tighten the screw on top about 1/8 on a turn. Same results, did it again 1/8 and the same. after tightening the box the steering wheel became harder to turn. So obviously its to tight, but that means that the gears inside are completely meshed, so why would there still be play in the box and the wheel? I dont know much about steering boxes but it think it common sense that if it got hard in steering the gears are messed and that means the box has adjustment left. Ive read around and the only explenation for play in box is the gears in box. I dont think this is the case for me. I can have the box cranked down on the adjustment screw and steering will be hard to turn and there will still be play. and Ideas?????

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