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tonyherrera 04-26-2012 11:08 PM

Death Valley Triple Pass May 11 through May 13
This trek will be fun, it is intended to take us through some remote but manageable part of Death Valley. All of this trip can be crossed with an stock Jeep but I do recommend bringing a fuel container, shovel, and jack and most definitely a SPARE!

We intend to meet in front of the REI in Northridge (Devonshire and Reseda) at 7am, we then head out to Beatty Nevada by way of Hwy 395.

At Beatty we fuel up plus take on an additional 5 gallons of spare fuel via container and head out to Cross Titus Canyon. Titus canyon is very manageable and can be crossed in about an two hours at an easy clip.

Once we cross Titus we head out to crankshaft junction and then end up in Eureka Dunes where we set up camp and prepare for the next leg on Saturday morning.

We leave Eureka dunes on Saturday AM by around 10 AM or so after breakfast.

Steel Pass will promise some deep sand but 4 Low will get you out easy, at Steel Pass the staircases are narrow so spotting to avoid sidewall shredding is a must, the stairs will require 4x4 especially if you are loaded, I tried with a 2x Toyota Tacoma and was not ale to cross.

Once your get past the stairs you will have a fairly easy trek, until you begin a descend into Saline Valley, also doable but a slow and thoughtful descent is necessary, just as you get comfortable you are greeted by some cool technical maneuvering. The rest of the trip to the warm springs is mostly rut and you are limited to no more than 20 miles or so.

From my experience there is plenty of campsites at the springs, we settle down Saturday night ( and you will need it) Disclosure- the springs do have nudist that will gladly have a conversation with you as if they were fully clothed... No biggie but FYI.

Sunday morning we head out to Hwy 190, and finally to hwy 395 to head home

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