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ThingsAbove 05-03-2012 11:23 AM

"Gear Ratio Error" P2550 ???
Heading to work this morning I lost power in heavy multi-lane traffic at about 70mph and the CEL came on. I managed to move over and get off the road. I had lost power to the wheels.

It is a 2012 automatic. The dash still showed it in drive so I hadn't bumped the shifter. I placed it in Park and the engine appeared to be running normally (at least at idle). I turned it off and re-started the engine. The CEL was still on but the Jeep accelerated normally after the restart so I took it to the dealer.

They reported it as a code P2550 and on the ticket they described as "Gear Ratio Error". The service manager said it was a "computer glitch". That doesn't sound promising. A search doesn't turn up much information other than some low input signal B to transmission.

It's driven fine after that but it was driving fine until it threw the code. This caused quite a dangerous situation. If the traffic had been heavier I could have ended up stopping in the middle of high-speed multi-lane traffic.

kjeeper10 05-03-2012 11:27 AM

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Your safe :thumb:

Never heard of such fault ?

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