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Ubergopher 05-04-2012 12:05 PM

Need a hand in the Spokane area
BLUF: Would someone be willing to go to a dealership and take a look at a jeep for me and give me a go/no go based on what you see?

Well, the time has come (said the walrus) to think of many things...

Since I doubt anyone remembers me since I kinda disappeared randomly after y'all helped me out here's the quick backstory to catch someone up without digging through almost 3 year old posts... I bought a jeep, didn't do due dilligence in gettin' it checked out prior to purchase, failed at basic vehicle maintenance because I was to busy being an idiot, then sold the jeep for a crazy-stupid-cheap-price when it let me know it didn't apperciate being treated that way instead of paying the $2000 it would of cost to fix the assorted issues.
Since then I've had my head surgically removed from my export valve, moved to Korea and am in the process of PCSing back to the states.

I wanna get rid of what I downgraded to (1998 Nissan Altima) and have started researching and using USAA's car buying service to try and find a Wrangler that I want. However I am basically car-stupid and half a world away. I've found a jeep I want and am in the process of making arrangements to test drive it when I'd be in the Spokane area on Saturday. The car buying service is getting me a condition report from the dealership and a carfax. There's also a 3 day/150 mile return policy that goes with it. Anyway is there anyway someone here would be willing to go to the dealership and look at it for me and see if there's any glaring problems that I need to be aware that should let me know to pass on it?

If someone does it for me there's a free lunch or dinner in it for them!

Ubergopher 05-04-2012 12:36 PM

I just found out that the dealership USAA concierge the autonation rep has been speaking to about the vehicle is named Jim Hansen.

I appreciate any help any of y'all can give me in advance!

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