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Coyote_94YJ 05-05-2012 05:21 AM

Builders Corner ROEs (Rules of Engagment) READ EM OR WEEP!!!
This forum section is for "project" threads that are of an "other than bolt on" nature to include threads discussing vehicle builds, custom fabrication projects, and major swap projects. It is NOT for your "should I do this or that" thread, your "I have such and such problem" thread, or your "check out this thing I put on my jeep" thread. Any thread that does not fit within the set criteria will be moved or deleted from the forum. You will not get a warning, a PM or a friendly email. It just gets moved or deleted, period.

Do NOT start a thread here until you are starting your build or project. Starting a thread here with the intention of starting your project a few months down the road or whenever is a sure way to get your thread deleted or moved. This section is meant to be a collection of builds and projects. Not a bunch of questions about projects that may or may not happen.

Rule of thumb for this thread...No Credit Card Builds

Now, get to building people and don't forget to show us the goods cuz I'm not messing around.

WF Staff

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