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George T. 02-18-2008 07:59 PM

'Psht' sound coming in the interior
Seems to be related to rpms. Almost sounds like the sound you make when you try to kept someones attention discretely. Cant seem to hear it anywhere else except inside. As the rpm's increase, so does the frequency of the psht'ing.

Any ideas?

White93ARB 02-18-2008 08:10 PM

Like a vacuum leak sound? Or more like a 'pssst'? Mine has the vacuum leak happenin, sounds like a quiet whistle. It sounds like its coming from under the dash but I'm not sure.

George T. 02-19-2008 11:09 AM

it is more of a quick psht psht psht but gets quicker with rpm build up. I tried listening for it in the engine bay but can only hear it in cab.

02Prove 02-19-2008 11:17 AM

Quit eating beans?

activelydying 02-19-2008 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by 02Prove (Post 195829)
Quit eating beans?

I was waiting for that response. :D

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