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mrbigjeep 04-17-2006 08:36 AM

axle for 35's
i posted a thread earlier and asked about the super 35 axle kit and 35's and some said that the super 35 axle kit would be fine but others said that saving for a completely new axle would be i might get the super 35 axle kit but if i do decide to get a completely new axle which one should i get...i know i could use the dana 44, the 8.8, or the 9" but which one...and where would i get one of these axles....every time i look in a catalog they only have upgrades and not completely new catalog i looked in had a dana 44 axle kit but it was for tj's that already had a dana 44 rear other words it's just an upgrade for if you already have a dana 44 rear axle but i where would i get one?...and which one?...and one other thing...the super 35 axle kit has 30 spline shafts which is the same as a dana 44 so what would be the point of getting a dana 44 when the axle shafts would be the same strength if i upgraded with a super 35 axle kit???

4Jeepn 04-17-2006 09:14 AM

Well, I run 60's for my 35's but I am just nutz....Now to answer your question or at least give some more insight. You can get a TJ' dana 44 from which will let you search by where you live. Used go from $800-$1500 as a ball park. You can have places build a new one for you,
with lockers gears etc.. figure about 2k-2500k depending what you want. You can get an 8.8 from for around $1500 from as I recall. The 9" from currie or the junk yard but you will have to fab it up. Now as for the super 35 vs the dana 44. With the dana 44 you are a larger ring gear, stronger tubes.. and the abilty to upgrade to 33 spline shafts. and disc brakes. Thus even though the axle spline might be the same the other components make it a better choice.

mrbigjeep 04-17-2006 07:17 PM

thanks...which one do u reccomend...i dont want to have to fix it up...i would like the axle already complete so all i have to do is install it and put it in

4Jeepn 04-17-2006 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by bigjeep
thanks...which one do u reccomend...i dont want to have to fix it up...i would like the axle already complete so all i have to do is install it and put it in

I would go with the 44, as chances are somebody on the trail will have parts for it, or the local shop will, or worst case you can take it to any jeep dealer and get it fixed. Give Performace off road (link above) a call or email. They use new tj 44 rears and build them to your spec's. I would also say get an ARB or some sort of selectible locker as it is so nice to have, I run 4.56' with my 35's and it works well. I have also heard good things about and their rockcrusher 44's... thus talk to them , see who you like better compare what your getting and go from there.

mrbigjeep 04-18-2006 08:31 AM

thanks...are the 4.56 gears good on the road as well as i will be on the road some too...but of course off road as well...what price range are we talkin for the dana 44...and just out of curiosity, how much lift are u runnin for those 35's?

tweba99 04-18-2006 12:09 PM

got my d44 from PORC with 4.88's & detroit locker installed and shipped to my door for $1500 and then some alloy usa chromolly shafts from northridge4x4 for $250 shipped. so, d44 ready to go for $1750.

97TjZack 04-24-2006 01:12 PM

I know you said you want it ready to go and just want to bolt it in. But I wanted to add the fact that you can find a junkyard 8.8 for around $150, plus $200 for the bracket kit that you weld on. Thats a lot better than 1500-2000 at some shops. Some of the 8.8's come with a Limited slip and 4.10's. O I'm running 4" lift with 35's. They rub at full flex but I'm tryin to keep my jeep as low as possible. A 1"BL and tummy tuck are on the way so I will have a little more clearance.

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