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DivingJack 05-06-2012 01:02 PM

Newbie with no wheels !!
Hi all.

Wanted to introduce myself.

I joined but have yet to acquire my wheels.

So this post was sent for 2 reasons -

Firstly say hi to everyone and look forward to learning from you all,

And secondly, to get some advice, as I said I don't have any wheels yet, I am looking currently, I have about $30k ish to spend and was looking at getting a fully kitted out unlimited. I didn't really know/care if it was going to be a Rubicon, an X or any other variant. Really as I didn't know why I would look at each of them, but reading recently I am tending to lean more towards looking at the Rubicon as it seems i will get a fully kitted out off reader already rather than having to upgrade anything in the short term. I have always been a Landrover Defender guy, but now want to move into the wranglers as there is so much more to do with them and personalize.

Anyways I wanted to check if anyone had any advice between a fully kitted unlimited , ie lift, winch, etc etc and a Rubicon of the same price.

Thanks all.

Title II 05-06-2012 02:15 PM

Welcome to the forum. Just remember to be patient. I just got my 11 Rubicon Unlimited but it took me a few months to find the right one at the right price. Keep looking and don't settle. I live in southern Ca and ended up buying mine basically brand new from a dealership in Seattle and they delivered it for 32k. Good luck!

RatherBNarizona 05-06-2012 02:17 PM

Welcome! That price for a JKU would be tight, with the new engine and jump on the 12's, there are some killer deals on 07-11 JKU's.

mcalldp 05-06-2012 04:08 PM

You'll ge them, I know it sucks to wait though!

SilverSport 05-06-2012 04:12 PM

Welcome Aboard! :wavey:

Beastmaster 05-06-2012 04:15 PM

Welcome to the forum! :wavey:

/l ,[____],
l---L -OlllllllO-
()_) ()_)--o-)_)

JDsDream 05-06-2012 05:15 PM

Welcome Richardb

DivingJack 05-06-2012 06:35 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

I wasn't looking for new, I was definitely looking for something around a 2010 ish .

Being patient is the hardest thing to do, I'm a typical guy with money in pocket, nothing can come soon enough...

I'll keep looking.

Thanks all. Take care, be safe but have fun.

MrSig 05-07-2012 04:39 AM

Welcome and enjoy the forum!

blkrubi88 05-07-2012 05:18 AM


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