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CJ-John 05-11-2012 07:05 AM

Who's running 304's?
I've got my CJ coming finally, I only drove it about a 1/2 mile testing it out. So besides the ignition is the anything that's really junk about these? I plan to put a Howell FI on it eventually so for a while I'll live with the stock carb. After I do all the basics what is the next thing? the DUI ignition or just leave it alone. Thanks

Dempsey 05-11-2012 09:11 AM

I hope it's ok I keep replying to your questions. :)

I'm running a 304 that has a ton of work. But it doesn't really need it.

The 2 barrel that comes on the 304's is a good carb. People swap them over on YJ's. But like you said FI is the way to go when you have the $$.

The ignition upgrade I think is one of the best. Some will say headers but I've ran fenderwell headers long enough to no longer be a fan. In frame headers are tight. Plus factory manifolds flow well.

I installed a flowkooler water pump but if you don't have cooling problems I wouldn't think it is needed. Even so I would invest in a a aluminum radiator first.

I'd be on the look out for a York 210 compressor and bracket. They come on a bunch of amc v8's. That is a great way to get oba (on board air) on a 304. If that is something you want.

CJ-John 05-11-2012 09:54 AM

Yes feel free I have no 304 experience. unless you can count the Matador with a 290 I drove for work back in the mid 70's The carb will have to do for a while. I won't mess with the water pump until I need to. I second that on headers to loud to many leaks not worth the hassle for low end torque. so that leaves a tune up, and a DUI dist. for the time being. Thanks ps I will look for an intake and valve covers for when I do the Howell inj.

Cj7otr 05-11-2012 11:52 AM

I've had CJs with four, six and 8 cyl, and I'm a fan on the 304. I agree with Dempsey, after ordering out of frame headers I was not impressed. Then I ordered in-frame headers, but they didn't fit with my shackle reversal. So, I got new exhaust manifolds and don't regret it. With a good exhaust set up all the way back it still sounds really good.
I went to the electronic ignition system and it's great. Someday I'll prob go with a fuel injection system, but my carb was bought professionally rebuilt and has worked great from day one.
If you breakdown the engine at all, you'll notice that the fuel/oil pump is very different from most other types of V8's, that said, it works great.

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