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TJDiver 05-12-2012 01:40 AM

Clutch Installation
Alright Guys, going for a new clutch installation tomorrow, haven't picked up the new clutch yet, so i am looking for recommendations there, not going to auto zone, but was looking at performance off road clutches (let me know thoughts?) as far as the whole process goes, just going to follow this:

1997 Jeep TJ Clutch Replacement

Seemed legit, and looks like they covered everything. Here is my question, Anyone done this? Any hang up points you remember like "oh, if only i had done that it would have saved hours" let me know. Also if there is an interest i can show a step by step (assuming it works after :-P) with pictures of corse. I will be doing this for the next two days, so hopefully i get some feed back! Thanks in advance!

2006 Manual, 2.4L Wrangler

jeepjones 05-12-2012 06:03 AM

Are you doing the clutch on a '97 or a 2006 2.4L? Because they're going to be different.

TJDiver 05-12-2012 10:42 AM

2.4 L, I know there are going to be some differences, but aren't the steps pretty much the same?

TJDiver 05-12-2012 08:01 PM

So transmission is down, has about 3 oz of metal shavings on the transmission drain plug, so I took that and the transfer case to aamco, have them check it out. Hopefully it's nothing huge. Got the clutch removed, and the flywheel, have a custom off road clutch being made (will show pictures when it's done if I can) and flywheel is being resurfaced. Hopefully all ends well!

Buz 1 05-12-2012 09:26 PM

its my understanding that the fw is domed-shaped & not supposed to be re-surfaced.. just replaced as needed... any opinions on that???

TJDiver 05-12-2012 10:15 PM

When I got to my flywheel ( has the giant gear attached to back) it was disc shaped as you might imagine it to be, and has slight grooving, so I had it resurfaced. Also got a killer new clutch, and pressure plate ( pictures on Monday when I get it) as far as dome shaped? I'm not sure, maybe the jk's have them, haven't had the privilege of cracking into one yet

98tj.steven 05-12-2012 10:18 PM

Dropped the tranny like 3 times when I did mine. Replaced those two bolts at the top of the bell tranny because I had to saw one off...
Hope everything goes well.

TJDiver 05-12-2012 10:21 PM

Haha I know which bolts your talking about, luckily I had a couple of ujoints to attach to my ratchet, and had no issues breaking them. But man they are a bitch. I recommend a tap die set for every job. After I get a bolt out, I tap it, and the hole it came out of.

98tj.steven 05-12-2012 10:25 PM

Yeah those bolts suck!!!
Installed a Luk kit but somehow it didn't work do had to take it to a mechanic to put another one in:(
Lucky I got to return the Luk clutch after i wrote some bad eBay reviews of it not fitting in the jeep! ! ;)

TJDiver 05-12-2012 10:28 PM

Lol, I have a cool ninja star like clutch going in (reduces the friction applied) the guy custom makes each one. Surprisingly I think he's sparse on business (not well advertised) and is only charging 250 for the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate. I'm excited to get them on Monday.

DevilDogDoc 05-12-2012 10:36 PM

Why didn't you just get a Luk? That fancy puck clutch is just going to wear out your leg shifting.....It's not like that 2.4 is putting 1000 HP to trhe ground and you need a performance clutch to hold up to it, I mean you could have got an OEM Luk for less than half that.... And you may regret taking the dome off that flywheel too, esp with that clutch you got going in.

thorn4570 05-12-2012 10:49 PM

I did mine a few months ago with my nephew and it was not hard at all and I have ever done was brakes and oil. Sure glad I did it myself it saved me a tone of money.

TJDiver 05-12-2012 10:50 PM

Shouldn't require anymore force to engage the clutch, I wouldn't think, and I didn't take a dome off the flywheel, there wasn't one. Only dome like thing is the pressure plate, which is still there. Only difference about the clutch is it has less surface area (three points of contact instea of all the way around) than your standard clutch, so it won't heat up as badly. For 250 I think it's a pretty good deal since autozone sells the standard replacement clutch for 160, and to get a flywheel resurfaced is about 50 bucks if your lucky, add an extra 40 bucks for higher grade material, I don't think it's bad, but we are all entitled to our opinions

TJDiver 05-12-2012 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by thorn4570
I did mine a few months ago with my nephew and it was not hard at all and I have ever done was brakes and oil. Sure glad I did it myself it saved me a tone of money.

Yea I hear ya, stealership was charging just 800 for working hours, 500 for parts! As long as you have the right tools it's not too bad!

DevilDogDoc 05-13-2012 12:30 AM

How is less surface area equal less heat and not more? Less surface=less area to dissipate heat. And the dome was there you just couldn't see it. In fact it's in bold in the FSM to not resurface it for that reason. And fwiw I got the factory Luk off eBay for $123 delivered to my door. I'm not ragging on your choice just trying to help a fellow Squid not waste his money and make choices he regret in the future. Good luck with it!

TJDiver 05-13-2012 12:53 AM

Gotcha, I'll have to look into the dome thing, but I appreciate the heads up!

RioWrangler 06-15-2012 08:34 AM

New to clutch scene
What are the basic tools you need for pressure plate and clutch replacement?

In 1st gear I get a shudder but all others are fine.

Jerry Bransford 06-15-2012 10:10 AM

The only tools not commonly in any normal garage tool assortment are the E-10 and E-12 reverse-Torx drive adapters which are nothing more than special sockets for your ratchet wrench. Those are used on the top two bolts that hold the transmission to the engine and, if you remove the transfer case from the transmission, the top two bolts that hold those two together.

So basically, you just need a set of 3/8" and 1/2" drive sockets, ratchet, extensions, and a floor jack... with a transmission jack like from Harbor Freight Tools making the job easier. Oh, a bearing puller for the pilot bearing that is in the flywheel but you can typically rent/borrow that from most auto parts stores. You'll need a number of extensions between the ratchet and E-12 torx adapter, probably 2' worth, to get the top E-12 bolts out that hold the transmission to the engine, they are on top and not real easy to get to. They are easier once you lower the rear of the transfer case down to give more access on top but you'll still need those extensions.

And make sure not to have the flywheel turned or resurfaced. Yes that is normally needed on most clutch jobs but that should not be done on the TJ which has a specially contoured flywheel. At the most, just lightly sand it with a mild sandpaper or emory cloth if any glazing is present.

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