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Belmont4000 05-12-2012 06:53 PM

32RH 3spd tranny skipping 2nd gear?!
I Have a 92 yj with a 32rh 3spd transmission thats wont seem to go into 2nd gear. I have never had a problem out of this transmission when it comes to slipping or any sort of harsh shifting. I was stopped at a stop light and when i took off, i noticed that sound of my motor was louder then my music so i looked at my rpms and i was around 3.5k. I started playing with the gears and it shifted (to what i thought) was second and i continued on, only thinking i had hit the shift lever or something. Next stop, same thing. Mad, i went to advanced auto parts, checked my level, a little under a pint low, not too bad. Took it around my back roads playing with the shift nob (giggity) and it would not shift into second gear, i would have to rev it to 3 - 3.5k and let off the gas fully to get it to switch to 3rd, or move the shifter to second, then back into drive. At no point will the transmission even think about going into second gear. What should i do? I was told it could be that i may have fluid in my vacuum lines, yet i can not for the life of me find a vacuum line to check on my transmission. Please help me. :banghead:

Belmont4000 05-13-2012 01:26 PM

Bump, could really use some help. I may end up taking the 700r4 out of the old chevy van in my backyard and get that put in, extra gear? Hell yeah

GoldenSahara00 05-13-2012 01:32 PM

I didn't know the 32rh came in YJs. interesting. learn something new everyday. I would check your tv cable (cable goes from the trans to the TB) and see if it is really loose or something. It tells your trans when to shift based on the position of the throttle. That is my best guess for now, I'll see if I can think of anything else.

Belmont4000 01-18-2013 08:40 PM

Old post, but still relevant as i still have this problem, with little time to look into it. I dont drive it too often, but its still driving just the same. Ive been told it could be a bad solenoid, but some say the 92 32rh wouldn't have a solenoid? How would i check for this?

JKU SRQ 07-07-2013 06:34 PM

I recently picked up a '95 Sahara, 4.0 32RH 3-spd auto (less than 18 months on a rebuild)... I had plans for today to adjust the front band as it has been upshifting too soon and lacking kickdown, also to do a few other minor maintenance & repair issues.

Last night I checked the fluid level, added about a cup of ATF+4 to bring it to full, then drove it about 8 miles to my destination. On the return trip, it was skipping 2nd gear, revving higher than usual in first, resisting to upshift until letting up on the throttle doing over 20, then going into 3rd.

This morning I drove 40+ miles to a fellow Jeeper's place to work on it, picking up 4 more quarts of ATF+4 and a tranny filter along the way. Dropping the tranny pan, the fluid was opaque, pinkish but definitely not red, and the filter considerably plugged. We adjusted both the front (external) and rear (internal) bands to 72 ft-lbs, backing them up 2 turns for the front and 4 turns for the rear before tightening the locknuts, allowed as much of the old fluid to drip out before replacing the filter & pan, adding 3 quarts of ATF+4, then taking it for a road test. It shifts through every gear as it should again. Once it was fully warmed up, I added a cup at a time, checking the dipstick while running in neutral until it reached just under the FULL HOT level (just under 4 quarts total).

Driving it back home another 40 miles later and it's still going through all of the gears, no longer skipping 2nd. I plan on getting the fluid flushed soon though to ensure the opaque-ish fluid is out of there.

I'm guessing the extremely clogged filter caused reduced fluid pressure, not allowing it to go into second gear. I'm also thinking the PO's mechanic may have filled it with Dexron II instead of ATF+4 after rebuilding the tranny, causing the differing fluids to foam or react against each other, making the resulting fluid opaque. The small amount of fresh ATF+4 could have had enough detergents to release possible sludging (was waxy buildup on the magnet and bottom of the pan) which could have clogged the filter. I dunno... anyway I have 2nd gear back again!

harleydragon 07-07-2013 06:44 PM

could be the filter or the band adjustment..the pinkish fluid can be caused just from condensation..

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