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Bosch 05-16-2012 04:42 PM

Looking for recommendation for Muskegon area mechanic
I recently purchased a used 2008 JK Sahara Unlimited from a local used car lot associated with a reputable (non-Jeep) dealer. The jeep was lifted by the previous owner (4-inch Superlift).

I knew there were inherent risks with purchasing a previously lifted vehicle, but I got some assurances that I would be taken care of if there were any issues.

Well. There was an issue. I put the 4x to the test and noticed some faint driveline noise. Took it back to the dealer, who will remain nameless, and they determined that there was some slop at the front CV. They replaced the drive shaft and the problem actually worsened. They then decided that they needed to replace the transfer case. They did and it didn't fix the problem. They eventually figured out that the stock drive shaft could not handle the increased angle due to the lift, which is likely not news for any of you. They replaced it with a JE Reel drive shaft (front only), which completely took care of the 4x issue. However, it created a new problem. The drive line started to vibrate substantially at about 60 mph and even subtly so at around 40 mph. So back to the dealer. They now are suggesting that the JE Reel drive shaft is out of balance and they sent it out to be rebalanced. I'm not convinced that this will fix the problem. We shall see......... :banghead:

So far and as promised, the dealer is trying to take care of the issue and this hasn't cost me anything but my time. They are giving me a 12/12 warranty on the new drive shaft and they have assured that they will work with me on giving me a discounted price on a 3-year/30,000-mile extended bumper to bumper warranty, inclusive of the lifted parts, which I was planning on purchasing even before I knew that there were any issues.

With that said, my confidence in the dealership's technicians ability to service a modified jeep has all but evaporated so I'm looking for recommendations for a local mechanic. The first thing I want to do when I get it back from the dealer and after I get the extended warranty is to take it to someone who knows his way around a lifted jeep. Probably should have done that prior to the purchase..... Hind sight, 20/20, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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