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Nano 05-16-2012 08:48 PM

Bestop 2 piece soft door kit, in-box packaging
Hey all,

Has anyone recently bought a 2 piece soft door kit, for a TJ? I just received my 2 piece soft door kit for my TJ and there doesn't appear to be any door clips, handles, locks or anything to keep it closed. I see a X-cut in the fabric where one would need to be installed. Should that have been included or is that suppose to be separate?

I didn't receive any kind of installation guide or warrenty registration form like I did with the new Trektop NX that arrived a day before.

Part Number 51789

Nano 05-16-2012 09:04 PM

Well, I was able to find an installation PDF for the 51789 2 piece soft door kit online, so I am assuming that I was shorted a bad that contained the handles. It looks like I'll be calling Bestop and/or the place I bought them from tomorrow.

jordorunway 06-01-2012 01:53 PM

Im going to get the nx top, but im debating on getting the one with the s piece soft doors. Im just concerned about how tight the seal will be and if will keep out the rain, especially when im driving down the rode, i'd hate to get caught in a rain storm and have a major leak or it raining into my jeep ya know? I'd love to know how their working out for you, and if you would recommend them.

Nano 06-06-2012 03:06 PM

Sorry I didn't see your post. I responded to you via PM, but I figured that I'd post it here as a review for others with the same questions.

Well, they don't fit perfect right out of the box. Mine needed to be adjusted, and probably still need a little more adjustment. It has only rained twice since I've had the doors and not while driving. Once I got my current fitting it has only leaked a little and even before the current fitting it didn't leak a whole lot. I was expecting a non perfect fit and possible leakage when I bought them, so the fact that it may still leak a little (not on the seat) isn't a big issue for me.

I have no issues with them flapping in the wind going down the highway like I thought I heard some posters mention.

My doors were also missing the latches when they were delivered, but that is not an item quality issue. What is an issue is that when they finally deliver the latches, the driverside one is not calibrated. The unlatch mechanism is bent so I have to pull the lever even further than normal. I'm sure these issues are very rare.

I've also come up with a more comfortable way to open the doors from the inside, as I've found the existing way to be annoying. I'm not worried about this design flaw since I've been able to work with it.

A friend of mine bought some for his JK that he says he's returning. He may not have expected the fitting issues that I was expecting, so his expectations were probably a lot higher than mine. He also has multiple vehicles, so he can leave the full doors off and park the Jeep in the garage and use another vehicle on rainy days.

Even with the issues mine has, by faulty design or construction, I still love the freedom they offer me. When it's a nice day after work I can take the soft doors off and throw them in the back seat. Full metal doors would be a hassel to take off and toss in the back on the go and then I'd have to worry about scratching them up and would still have the extra weight. When I have the doors off I can easily carry them, so if a surprise shower pops up I, and my seats, can still remain a whole lot dryer than being completely without doors.

If you are really worried about leaking a little, then I probably wouldn't suggest them. If you like the freedom they offer and aren't worried about a little leak and are willing to work with them for a better fit, then I would recommend them.

Nano 06-06-2012 03:07 PM

I'll try to remember to post info when I actually get a chance to drive through a heavy rain. Try, but no guarantee...

I have been caught with my steel doors off before in a tropical storm. That wasn't fun, but it wasn't a world stopper either. I'm sure that these doors would have kept out all but maybe a trickle and not aimed at my seat.

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