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Texasjeeps 05-22-2012 08:31 PM

coolant issues
I was riden around in my jeep in a wheat field. The wheat was pretty high, so i didn't realize that it had blocked my radiator completely. My temperature gage was not going up at all. When we stopped it was evident that my jeep had overheated, the coolant was bubbling pretty loud and the engine was extremely hot. I poured water all over the jeep till it cooled down, after that it ran fine for the rest of the night. That next day I changed the coolant in it. I put Preston 50/50 mix, cause i couldn't find any mopar orange that it called for. Since then I have heard a whistling sound like the engine is overheating. I was thinking it was the cooling system needed to bleed the air out of it, so I did that and it still whistles after I turn it off like its about to explode. My next guess was that the coolant I put in could effect it or that I have a blown head gasket. Anyone have any ideas whats goin on?

Redsand 05-22-2012 09:39 PM

NEVER! Pour cold water on a hot engine.

Kevbz 05-22-2012 09:56 PM

Even bubbling is ok for a short time. Water boils at 212, give or take for altitude and impurities, anti freeze increases that boiling point. your gauge is a good indication of how hot it was. A better way to cool the engine is to turn the heater on full blast on hot to help strip the heat from the coolant, occasionally starting the motor to move the coolant in/out of the heater core. Any water poured on a hot on a engine block causes shock and can facilitate a head, block, or gasket crack.

All that being said..a whistling sound is steam escaping, somewhere there is a leak, maybe on the radiator, or the head gasket, or around a freeze plug, or it might be at the overflow. check the engine oil, if it is white, water has made its way into it, usually from the head gasket, but it can also make its way through a crack between the water jacket and the block. White motor oil is a bad sign.

One other thing you can do is go to the auto store, and get a bottle of UV dye (they come with a UV pen light), put it in the coolant and run it, and in a dark garage start looking for the tell tail UV dye around the head and block.

Its kinda hard to say what happened, but a few NO NO's happened with pouring water on the engine. that whistle sound should be found to find out if its a pin hole some where, or a head gasket. (on a bright note, i have never heard of a failed head gasket whistling, its usually signified by a pour running motor)

your prestone 50/50 is ok to use, no harm

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