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Gorving3 05-26-2012 11:39 PM

New wheels for 2001 Sahara
I'm wanting to replace the aluminum polished stock wheels on my 2001 Sahara Wrangler due to corrosion getting under the clear coat and unable to get the clear coat off in order to polish the rims. Have tried several shops who tell me that getting the clear coat off is next to impossible unless the tires are removed and sand blasted with something besides sand. I like the stock rims as well as any of the after market rims I've seen in any of the shops so am trying to find exact replacements.

On the Internet HH Auto Wheels & Trim has them for $509 for 4 and has them for $111.95 per wheel. From what I can tell by reading everything on their web sites it sounds like both of these are reconditioned used wheels and the picture shown on both web sites is exactly the same (the wheel weight is in the exact same location). Both have free shipping when purchasing 4 wheels. Haven't even priced new wheels from a dealership since one of the above sites shows retail as $499/wheel.

Has anyone ordered from either of these places and had any experience with so called reconditioned wheels?

TnDz TJ 05-27-2012 10:32 AM

Believe it or not.... Easy-Off Oven Cleaner should work on your rims with a scotchbrite pad after it turns black. I did my clearcoated frame of my GSXR years ago. Polished it out like chrome in about a week. P.I.T.A. to keep it that way for sure... lol!

It's not easy and takes time, but can be done with effort.

Gorving3 05-29-2012 09:25 PM

Using Oven Cleaner would the tires have to be removed from the wheels first? Sounds like a lot of elbow grease involved but that's certainly an alternative I may have to take. Thanks for the suggestion.

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