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stans1stjeep 05-28-2012 01:58 PM

Hi to the WForum Jeep parked at CVS
Just wanted to say Hi! I saw your White Jeep with the WranglerForum decal on the front windshield when I was at the CVS at Tienken & Dequindre.:wavey:

sevenservices 05-29-2012 01:10 PM

Wasn't me, I was a little north of there. :)

Good you posted this, I've often wondered how many members I've waived to on the road.

stans1stjeep 05-29-2012 09:09 PM

Thanks for your reply. I have wondered the same thing. We live about a mile from that intersection. The Jeep at CVS Looks alot like yours.

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