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armorplate 05-29-2012 01:55 AM

Engine Problems
So here goes,
Replaced carter carb with weber carb. Removed recommended Holley fuel regulater.
Cap n rotor
Spark plug wires
Fuel filter

Jeep was running fine after weber carb install. Mechanic buddy said to remove fuel regulator as it wasn't needed. I noticed mild surging at 55+mph on the freeway when steady on the accelerator.
A week later it rained, I has some bucking and jeep stalled to 0 rpms, when I release gas pedal jeep engine would go up to 500-600 rpms but as I pressed pedal it would accelerate but then bog/stall. It's gotten worse day by day. Now it's undrivable. If I get it started it idles ok and will go into gear but if I get it past 1,000rpms it just stalls. Sometimes I can get it to 25mph then it cuts out.

Could the holley fuel pressure regulator removal cause my problems?
Also my muffler is getting replaced, mechanic stated it seemed like it might be slightly clogged. The exhaust didn't seem as strong as "normal" when existing the exhaust.

Lastly, would the nutter bypass work with the weber carb?

Thanks in advance

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