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stinger124 03-08-2008 03:09 PM

What would this bring ??
I am now thinking about selling my YJ Frame, I am curious as what something like this would bring ? I will be starting over and just making a whole new frame from scratch.
Nothing is wrong with the frame at all.
We did the shackle reversal on it.
It has already been stretched so that the wheelbase is at 105" when you run waggy springs.
The front has been stretched 3 1/2 inches and the rear 4 inches and then you add the offset waggy springs. It gets you to 105".
It will come with the front bumper, stinger and hoop and the rear bumper which is all built to the frame. The shock hoops are also custom built in as well. I will probably throw in the springs that i am running on it right now, I have a set of waggys on the rear, and a set of waggys on the front, but the front springs also have another main leaf that has been snail wrapped around the other main leaf. ( just more support ).
May also throw the traction bar in with it.

Anyway, what would something like this bring ???

Here is a shot of the front bumper and all that is tied into the frame.
Here are some shots of the front bumper and stretch being done.
This stuff is all custom built, its not the bolt on stuff.
Here is a shot of how the rear bumper is tied in to the frame.

Thanks for your help, I have no idea what something like this would bring.

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