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blueroo 03-10-2008 05:26 PM

Camp Jeep 2008: Roll Call
Just wondering if anyone from Wrangler forum will be going to Camp Jeep this year. It's July 24th-26th at Oak Ridge Estates in Arrington, VA. I just called Camp Jeep (1-877-CAMP-JEEP) and they don't have pricing established.

My buddy and I might be going, although it's still really up in the air for me especially as I'll be coming off two of the Fairlane's biggest (read: costly) shows in Carlisle and York and getting ready to go back to school (again, read costly) but I'd really like to go.

Anyone else planning on going?

tj2004icon 03-11-2008 02:26 AM

Have the dates and location been confirmed? If its on the East Coast I'm definitely going. I live about 35 minutes from Oak Ridge, so thats no problem.

MOz 03-11-2008 06:55 AM

Man, that's a tough decision.... Jeep Jamboree in VT (July) of Camp Jeep in VA..

scrambler1 03-11-2008 10:18 PM

I was looking forward to the jamboree here in vermont,but $655.00 for my daughter,wife and I seem a bit steep. hell for that I will just go wheeling on state land and take the chance of getting caught,the fines are less than the price of the jamboree,and probably better wheeling.

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