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sonofabeach 06-05-2012 12:23 PM

Couple of USB input stereo questions
First of all my stereo in my Jeep is old but it still works fine.
I mainly play data cds with hundreds of songs on them so I don't have to have a bunch of cds with me. There is also an auxilary input on the front but my mp3 player does not sound great on it or get loud enough.

My brother recently got a Smart Cart (insert laugh here) and it has a USB input on the factory stereo. He has a flash drive with hundreds of songs on it and I think I would like to go this route. Only thing is we could not find a "shuffle" feature in his stereo.
I'm clueless about flash drives.

I've looked at some Sony Xplode stereos with USB inputs.
My questions are:
Will a flash drive work just like a cd will in aftermarket car stereo nowadays?
Will it shuffle and repeat?
I suspect I'll have to take a flash drive to the store and try it out.

Jma20a 06-05-2012 04:04 PM

STAY AWAY FROM SONY,its just a paper weight. that being said, some units will support flash drives. crutchfield has all the knowledge on what units will work.

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