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Beaker541 06-08-2012 12:51 PM

4.0 out of time / OPDA
Ok I have a 2006 rubicon.. i have had my opda out a number of times.. did the mod and here is what happen.. i had an apt at the dealer ship to have m jeep looked at for a ticking noise (45000 miles so still under waranty) I did the OPDA oil cup Mod on a new one i bought but didnt want to take it to the dealership with the moded unit(incase they would blame it) so i put the original back on.. decided to do this at about 11pm since my apt was the next morning.. having removed this and put it back numerous times a wile back i got cocky and rushed through the process.. did not mark or line up holes before i removed it :facepalm:.. so needless to say it would not start being out of wack.. do to time of night and my work schedule i was not about to try to do it my self so i had it towed to my apointment.. my question is .. about how long should it take for them to get it back in time and running.. just trying to make sure they dont screw me to bad on the labor for my stupid mistake..

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