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thonkatoy95 06-09-2012 10:34 PM

yj gear grinding?
hello! jeepers! first time ever on a forum, im a complete newb to the jeep world and totally loving it so far.
worked hard for a few years to buy my self a jeep wrangler may not be the greatest thing in the world but when your 18 and you workd since you where 12 to hopefully 1 day buy a car and you get jeep thats in pretty decent shape. i can honestly say im a proud owner of my yj. like most yj's mine is not perfect lately ive been having this strange transsmission grind it used to be 1,2 but now its in every gear, and i did the transsmission fluid change there was a lil bit of metal sand on the magnet but id say its ok considering the old oil seemd like it was not serviced in quite a long time.

when i first purchased this yj the told me the slave cylinder on clucth would need a bleed and that it might need a transmission fluid change cause first gear was grindy. so i bought as it was and drove as it was for about a month untill i got the tranny fluid changed. if anyone can provide a lil bit of help to thonkatoy95 id appreciate the feedback thanks

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