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ygohome 06-10-2012 11:30 AM

rattle can olive drab bumpers, cage, wheels, etc?
Before moving from Arizona to Houston Texas last September, all of the scratches that were on my jeep were just fine. No rust or anything.

I would occasionally repaint my rocker armor, axles, and bumpers with gloss black spray paint just to keep them looking pretty.

But now that I'm in Houstin EVERYTHING is rusting. ha.

So I went to Home Depot yesterday. I picked up two cans of Gloss Black, which is what I typically used previously. As an experiment, I also picked up two cans of Textured Forrest Green (looks kind of like a flat olive drab color).

I plan to paint the bumpers, steel wheels, and other armor trim in this olive drab color. My jeep is otherwise pretty much all silver/grey with a black soft top.

Question before I begin... anyone else paint olive drab trip on a silver jeep? Just to give me an idea of how ugly I'm about to make my jeep look. ha. I've got the gloss black incase the color scheme looks bad.

I'll post pictures at the end of the day on how mine turns out.



Baby Huey 06-10-2012 12:48 PM

Sounds Different to me, I think you'll love it !! Go for it....!
Of coarse if ya don't like it......well, you can use the OD for a primer and rattle can it with Black again.... The Colors are endless at Home Depot..... LOL "BH"

ygohome 06-10-2012 06:58 PM

I discovered pretty quick that the textured forrest green was not really very close to olive drab. I painted one wheel and then decided to simply paint the trim gloss black again.

Someday I might rattle can the whole jeep a desert tan color if the current paint gets bad enough. But today I'm happy with the silver and black scheme.



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