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jamey71 03-13-2008 01:18 PM

Undercarriage Rust Solution?
I just bought a 1995 YJ and it has some rust on the undercarriage, leaf springs, etc. I would like to know if there are any reasonable methods for cosmetically covering the rust? Spray paint, etc?

jpdocdave 03-13-2008 01:51 PM

hey jamey71, :wavey:welcome to the forum. the leaf springs will be rusty, no problem there. new ones will rust within a year or so. doesn't mean they're bad. undercarriage, though theres a lot to. is there any rotted spots, or wholes? if you spray over rust it will be back less than a year. if you sand it down, clean it up and try to do a great job, prime and paint, it will still come back eventually. i would clean it up, primer, paint, and use a spray undercoating.
i'm struggling with a way of preventing this myself
let me know if this helps

jamey71 03-13-2008 02:01 PM

Thanks Jpdocdave
Thanks alot. There doesn't seem to be any rotting anywhere, just surface rust. I appreciate the advice and will give it a try!

activelydying 03-13-2008 02:09 PM

What about that POR stuff? Anyone ever try that?

YJmcgirt 03-13-2008 03:04 PM

I agree with jpdocdave...

Sand the undercarraige as much as possible. The go to any local autoparts store and buy a couple cans of rubberized undercoating.

I would wear really old cloths while applying and lay a tarp down and drive on top of it. The undercoating is extremely messy. If you get any on your skin be ready to spend a long time trying to get it off.

I have found this effective with both of my wranglers.

whiteyj 03-13-2008 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by activelydying (Post 206049)
What about that POR stuff? Anyone ever try that?

I have a buddy with a CJ that swears by the POR products. Great for rust situations.

scooter18155 03-13-2008 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by activelydying (Post 206049)
What about that POR stuff? Anyone ever try that?

Thats what im coating my frame with when i replace it. Seems to have a good reputation over at the other forum.

activelydying 03-13-2008 04:48 PM

That's what I heard too. I was thinking about do that this summer. This salt is just killing the frame.

crafty 03-13-2008 07:56 PM

I used a product years ago on a different vehicle called Xtend (sp)*. This was a product developed for the old metal roof RV's and I used it on an old car that had the vinyl roof skin removed. Put it over the surface rust spots and the rust stopped. Never progressed for the years that I had the car.

02TJRecovery 01-30-2012 10:34 PM

what is the best rubberized undercoating?

richh789 02-04-2012 08:35 PM

Por 15 works great

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