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Diverdown87 06-11-2012 01:41 PM

Top advice
I am running a wrap around jammer and safari bikini year round. Where the upper door frame and roll bar meet in the back is a nice size gap between the jammer and bikini.

With all the rain we have had recently I am getting alot of drippage in that opening and it is running down the seatbelt and my back and neck. What I want to do is either put 2 or 3 snaps or velcro on both the top and jammer to seal that hole as best as possible on both sides.

Not sure which will be the best route. Has anyone done this or had the same issue with their combo?

I have been looking around trying to find marine grade snaps to do this with and the ones I have found should work but will definately stand out since they are chrome and my top is spice and I have a feeling the first time I pull on it the cap will go flying. :banghead:

Velcro might be the better option but sewing that stuff on the canvas is going to be a PITA and I would rather not take it all apart and pay someone to do it....

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