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Kennycrybaby 06-13-2012 11:19 AM

Some advice needed for lifting my TJ
Some background: I never knew I cared about what vehicle I drove until I got my jeep a few months ago. Every other car I have had was just to get around. Now I am actually stoked every time I drive somewhere. Because of my history of not caring about cars, I have NO mechanical knowledge whatsoever. Being that I care now, I am trying to catch up.

I am taking on small projects with my jeep, both to make it more fun, but more so to start learning how to do these things, maintain it, etc. I just installed a CB, and PA, etc to learn the wiring, etc.

Next up, I want to lift it. I don't intend to do any really serious wheeling, so I am not in need of over killing it with a 4" lift and tires as big as me, but I would like to get it a little higher and bigger. I am mostly on pavement but I definitely drive over everything I can when I see it and have a tendency to make my own exits from parking lots, etc. Would a 2" lift, and 33" tires be what I should be looking at? Anyone recommend a particular lift kit they like, or tires for that matter? Wouldn't mind grabbing something from a local shop and supporting them, unless there is a massive price difference from online. Also, I am in need of an alignment, but I would have to do that after the lift anyway, so should I hold off on that then until afterwards?

Finally, as I mentioned, this isn't so much of a need to lift my jeep, as much as it is me trying to learn more about it. I noticed a lot of guys on the various jeep forums offer help for such things, so if anyone would like to show me the ropes in PG County, or have me meet them somewhere else this summer, I would appreciate it greatly. I can't say I can offer much help on my own as I am pretty clueless, but I am eager to do whatever I can whether it be whatever you tell me to do, or watching, or whatever.

If anyone is interested in that, drop me a line and let me know where you're at, you're schedule and of course how much $$$! (Not looking for a cheap way out, more than happy to pay you for time and work! I just can't learn anything by dropping it off at a garage!)

newtvowner 07-03-2012 11:25 AM

Tires can be a personal preferrence thing. There are some all terrain and mud tires out there that also do well on the road.

BFG has all terrain and mud tires that I have heard nothing but good things about. I was looking at BFG mud km2's and Firestone destination muds.

I am currenty driving Firstone Destination m/t's and love them. They look aggressive and handle very well on road, no difference from factory tires I had before. Road noise is minimal and handle well with cornering, etc. I have also done some beach driving and mild off road driving, never airing down and they performed great. They do well in the snow and rain also.

I'm sure others can chime in about experiences with other brands.

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