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STS-V 06-14-2012 10:02 AM

Anyone see this 2010 Rubicon for sale? 300 miles, $25k or best offer.
I bought my WK from this company previously and it was flawless. Seems like a good deal for anyone looking for a brand new rubicon for 10k off:

N39-W120 06-14-2012 10:11 AM

Theft recovery? Missing the windshield frame when found? Wonder how wet she got?

Pattynole 06-14-2012 10:19 AM

rebuilt title. no thanks.

MistiC NiNja 06-14-2012 05:11 PM

maybe $20K if you are building an offroad rig...

strider_mt2k 06-14-2012 05:33 PM


Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

snochick 06-14-2012 06:33 PM

Idiots could have at least put the right tires back on it. It's a Rubicon, those tires are an insult to the sticker on the hood.

RJL1 06-14-2012 06:36 PM

Sahara tires on Sahara rims on the four corners. Who knows what tire on the carrier.

Void For Vagueness 06-14-2012 06:48 PM

looks grimy on the inside, too. Not nasty, but not "new." (fingerprints/smears on the dash area, visible dirt on the mats, etc.) I wouldn't trust a dealership that doesn't even bother properly detailing a car.

I also think I see a little dent on the driver's side front bumper, yet the description says nothing about any impacts. I'd steer clear of this deal.

tanksoldier 06-20-2012 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by STS-V (Post 2471949)
I bought my WK from this company previously and it was flawless. Seems like a good deal for anyone looking for a brand new rubicon for 10k off:

Posted the exact same thread on JeepForum:

Anyone see this 2010 Rubicon for sale? 300 miles, $25k or best offer. -

He's able to get pics that aren't in any of the online ads for the vehicle, so I suspect he works for the junkyard selling it.

My comments from that thread:


Originally Posted by tanksoldier (Post 13729658)
ETA: Ran the CarFax:

No wonder it only shows 325 miles! The odo is broken!

Huh. Bought with 292 on odo.

Five days LATER it was damaged, and a new owner reported.

Translation: Dude bought the Jeep, drove like an idiot, wrecked it in a week and somebody bought the wreck.

************************************************** ****
Just missing the replaced parts and they're selling it with a salvage title?

It MAY be that the dealer's insurance "totaled" it due to the cost of replacing the parts, in which case it would have to be sold with a salvage title just as if it was in a wreck, but the price should be the same as if it was a repaired wreck because that's what everyone down the line will assume when they see the salvage title.

It may also bee that it was wrecked when stolen, perhaps how it was recovered, totaled by ins and the wreck bought back by the dealer.

It's worth less than half what a comparable USED vehicle is worth. KBB says a used vehicle from a dealer should go for $26,000ish... so it is WAY over priced.

I'd say $10,000. Tops.

ETA: Just saw that the "dealer" is a pick-a-part place. It's being sold by a junkyard. All you need to know.

Buy it if you want, with your eyes open, but don't be stupid. It's scrap metal, pay accordingly.

Note that if you compare the CarFax, teh poster's claims and the Ebay ad they don't quite match up.


Originally Posted by tanksoldier (Post 13735234)
It's a salvage title. Fact.

Was it was wrecked, parted out or what. You don't know. Fact.

WHY did those particular parts have to be replaced? You don't know. Fact.

Was anything else replaced they haven't mentioned? You don't know. Fact.

It isn't worth even half what an equivalent used vehicle with a regular title is worth. Fact.

It's being sold by a junkyard. Fact.

A regular used vehicle transfers remaining factory warranty to a new owner. With 325 miles on the odo this has no warranty at all. Fact.

Anyone who pays the asking price or anything even close is a fool. Fact.

Perhaps you work for them and are trying to get some free advertising? That's the only way I can think that anyone intelligent enough to turn on a computer would suggest this is a good buy at a good price. Lucky for you it's the internet so you don't have to keep a straight face.

As time went on additional concerns were raised, such as why a stolen and parted vehicle would need THOSE components replaced... a track bar? A steering column? whether or not it was stolen, it also appears to have been wrecked... and why it appears to have the wrong wheels and tires.


Originally Posted by tanksoldier (Post 13739659)
Are you lying, or are they?

Salvage is salvage is salvage because, again, you don't KNOW why it's a salvage.

It is scrap metal. Period.

They prove nothing. Where's the rear bumper? Was it rear ended? Is the frame bent? Was the engine pulled and replaced with a clunker the junkyard had on-hand? How did teh windshield get broken? What happened to the to on the pass side? Did it flop or hit something?

How was it recovered? High speed chase? Did they drive in into a ditch? Bent axles? Front end screwed up?

...with NO warranty, questionable history and questionable repairs. It is junk, and being sold by an appropriate seller.

Like the axles, air compressors and lockers? Were the new axles replaced by something off a wreck in the junkyard selling it?

What you're sure of is irrelevant. What _I'M_ sure of it that anybody who pays full price for a salvaged vehicle is a fool. They ARE out there. Good luck finding one.

Oh, well that's different. Around here we call places like that "junkyards".

True. That's why it says "SALVAGE" in the ad.

That pic isn't in either of the ads. You work for the junkyard selling it.

As I mention above the OP is able to acquire pics of the vehicle that don't appear in any pf the online ads. I suspect he works for or is closely associated with the junkyard selling the Jeep, a fact he should have disclosed.

This is a pic from the insurance auction ad. CarFax says it sat for over a year. Where did all that snow melt into?

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