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icekitty55 06-14-2012 01:22 PM

First Road Trip in the new Jeep
I took my new Jeep to Beaver Creek State Park in East Liverpool, Oh. I always take back roads so there were some serious hills to go up and down (she groans on the uphill, I hate that) and the back roads I took would have destroyed the Corolla I traded in on her, so I definitely am double glad I got the Jeep. She handled the trip like a trooper. Put 400 miles on her and the windshield is now covered with bug innards but I'll tell you, it was more comfortable than a road trip in the Corolla. Maybe because I'm sitting up higher and not as cramped? Only thing that bothers me is that it took 70 bucks to fill the tank up from a 1/4 gallon. I take road trips every week to parks but I may have to stretch it to twice a month due to gas prices being so absurd. I got to know my BloodQueen and she got to know me and I think we are going to be ecstatic together! :dance:

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