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sound hound 05-01-2006 06:13 AM

I was surprised at the tunes in my 03 TJ. They weren't that bad @ higher volumes with the road noise lower levels they didn't begin to resemble fidelity.
I grabbed a couple sets of Infinity Reference series 5 1/4's,
and 4 x 6" yesterday and replaced the oem.
Install was pretty much plug and play, with slight mods in the front baskets to get the tweets to clear.
The detail is now much better, the oem fronts had tweeters w/ xover caps but the rears just had "whizzers".
Now it is at a point where it begs for a new deck to let the music come through.

SouthTJ 05-02-2006 09:20 AM

Gotta have tunes. If down the road your feelin the need for more sound, you can fit 6 1/2 in the sound bar with minimal modification and you can move your 5 1/4s into the front with a simple adapter. I just did this and it sounds much better.

sound hound 05-04-2006 06:51 AM

Those tweets look "aim"able as well.
Did you make the adapters or buy them?
Did you touch the "sub"?
I see a driver in the center console but haven't pulled it apart yet. I have a few spare Klipsh drivers lying around and thought about replacing that as well.
Also, what do you use for a deck?

SouthTJ 05-04-2006 09:09 AM

Here is where you can get the adapter plate for the front dash.

Yeah, the sub had to go. I removed the amp and sub in the center console and replaced it with a 6.5" JL Audio sub. I've heard that you can put larger with more modification but I didn't want the cover on the outside of the console. I have an Alpine head unit and two Alpine amps under the rear seat.

It doesn't sound like I want but then I have no 6x9s or 10 inch subs. It is a Jeep after all and sounds pretty darn good. :D

sound hound 05-08-2006 04:57 PM

I had a little time this afternoon, pulled the console to peek at the "sub", interesting.
Its a dual voice coil in a sealed enclosure.
Looks like a descent little stand alone amp in there. I am assuming they pipe full frequency from both channels to it from the deck, and then deal with the crossover on board.
I am going to replace the head unit pretty quick and may just bypass that all together, and try to find a "good" hiding spot for an amp and bass bin.
As far as the deck goes, I again assume with one of the din mountable units, adaptors are readilly available to fill any voids in the dash? Thanks, Bob

my98tj 05-09-2006 06:08 PM

yeah the din adapters are about $10. i put my amp under the driver seat and have a sub box for two tens in the "trunk", if you want to call it that. i have it to where if i need the area i can just unplug the box and pull it out without having to remove the amp. the amp is a 250 watt amp, when it's paralleled down to 2 ohms. i only have the gain turned up about halfway, and it rounds out the sound very well.

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