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Wr@ngler00 05-01-2006 03:18 PM

Silly question. About diffs and lockers....
I recently bought a 2000 tj 4.0 and am curious about what comes packed in the diffs stock? Are they limited slips and if so what do limited slips do? How do they compare to lockers? How do i tell if i have dana 35 in rear or a 44? If i have d35 in rear what do i have in the front, and how serious can i get with this stock setup on the trail? I recently put 31 inch procomp mt's on it and love it but am concerned about getting stuck on the trail. I hardley ever go wheeling but if ever i need to get serious i would like to. If anyone can help me please do. Thanks, you guys are the best!!!!!

Jerry Bransford 05-01-2006 05:10 PM

First, read the FAQ I wrote some time back at which may help answer part of your questions.

Next, "nothing" comes in the front axle from the factory... no locker, no limited slip differential. The term for this is an "Open" axle.

The rear axle in a standard TJ like yours may or may not have a limited slip differential which is an optional extra-cost upgrade. No lockers at all in standard TJs, only Rubicons come with true lockers.

You have a Dana 35c rear axle if the differential cover has a pure oval shape with a black plastic snap-in cover in the lube fill hole.

You have a Dana 44 rear axle if its differential cover is more angular... like a Washington Delicious apple laying on its side... together with a steel threaded plug in the lube fill hole.

See if your rear axle has a tag on the right side of the differential cover indicating it requires a LS additive which is also known as a friction modifier. TJs with limited slip differentials also usually have a warning sticker inside the glove compartment warning of the presence of a limited slip differential (known as a Traclok or Tracloc) if it was installed by the factory.

For serious offroading when tires are up in the air on uneven terrain, a locker is nice to have. For less serious offroading like on dirt trails, a limited slip differential is fine and better on slick roads too.

HTH. :)

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