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Danuke 06-19-2012 12:27 PM

2006 Jeep TJ Speed Control
The Speed Control is not working on my son's jeep,and The service manual says:
If a road test verifies a system problem and the
speedometer operates properly, check for:
A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). If a DTC
exists, conduct tests per the Powertrain Diagnostic
Procedures service manual.

What DTC would do that? He has the P0153 code in and out, but why would that impact the speed control.

Also, what are the most common causes of Speed Control failure?:confused:
Many thanks,

RUBI 4 MY MRS 06-19-2012 12:42 PM

Most common is the vacuum hose falls off at the intake manifold. A sure sign is that the heat/AC only blows through the defrost vents. The line comes from the side of the manifold more or less below the throttle body & Ts to both the speed control & HVAC mode switch.

The DTC is not related.

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