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bigapplehades 06-20-2012 05:39 PM

Fog Light/Dashboard Panel Light Problem
I've got a 1997 jeep that I recently installed new fog lights on. It was a difficult process due to trouble with the relay/switches but I finally got it working. However, now the dashboard panel lights don't work (the indicator lights work, it's just the lights behind the speedometer/odometer).

I checked all the fuses and they are fine. I don't know if anything I did would have caused the dash lights to stop working, so here's basically what I did:

I ran the wires for the fog lights to a relay that previously held the wire for the headlights, the wire for the old fog lights and a switch. The switch indicator lit up but did not turn on the lights, so I took it out and put in a new one that I ran directly to the power wire instead of through the relay because it still wasn't working through the relay (I split the power wire so that it is now connected to both the relay and the wire from the switch).

So now the headlights and the power wire are the only things plugged into the relay (the power connected to 86 and the headlights to 87) and the headlights work fine. The wire to the fog lights is directly connected to the power wire/switch, so the old wire for the old switch is not in use/capped off on both ends (at the relay and at the site of the old switch). I tried reconnecting it to see if by some freak reason it had anything to do with the dash lights but nothing happened so I capped it off again.

Could anything I did cause the dash lights to stop working, or is it a coincidence? I was under the impression that the dash lights are plugged into the instrument cluster which has nothing to do with the relay/wires I was messing around with.

Also, I tried to take off the dashboard panels and everything to get a look at the instrument cluster but I had difficulty with it- can anyone give me detailed step-by-step instructions or refer me to instructions about how to remove those panels to get to the instrument cluster?

Sorry for the long post, I was just trying to give all the pertinent information.

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